Q: Who is B2 Beverage Company?
A: B2 Beverage Company is a California-based company that creates and markets innovative new beverages, including its altogether-different New Age Malt Beverages©. All of B2's cutting-edge products offer a distinctive point of difference. B2's beverages are whole new categories unto themselves - each formulated to delight the taste buds and packaged to dazzle the eye.

Q: What's a hard creamer?
A: A hard creamer is a B2 original - these are the first beverages that successfully mix fruit, cream and malt-based alcohol into non-carbonated, easy-to-drink, refreshing, thirst-quenchers. Hard creamers may combine fruits for a tropical blend or be flavored to match the taste of popular blended cocktails. These malt-based products should be found marketed in the beer section of stores.

Q: What's Sangria!
A: Sangria! is yet another unique B2 malt-based beverage. Sangria! delivers all the big, bold, bright flavors of its wine-and-fruit counterpart, but in an easy-to-drink, ready-to-drink, lower alcohol form. Ideal for parties, picnics and barbeques! A great new addition to any store's beer section.

Q: Are there any health claims attributed to the hard creamers?
A: Hard Creamers and Kalima Hard Creamers are formulated with 5% alcohol content and
are to be enjoined by adults of legal drinking age. Though the products use real dairy products
and natural fruit flavors, no health claims or benefits can be made.

Q: Can Hard Creamers and Kalima Hard Creamers be consumed by those who are
lactose intolerant?
A: While Hard Creamers and Kalima Hard Creamers do contain dairy products, the lactose
levels are negligible. Those who do not have any dairy products in their diet, however, may
react to the dairy base. Those concerned about drinking hard creamers are advised to monitor
their own reaction or consult their physician beforehand.

Q: Where can I find Sangria!, Hard Creamers and Kalima Hard Creamers?
A: Just check the retail beer section in your local grocery stores and liquor stores.
Distributors and retailers interested in carrying B2's products are invited to contact the
company directly for details.

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